Toyota Prius, the first hybrid car in history, is preparing a new generation

The Toyota Prius is about to enter a new generation with important innovations in terms of technology and energy efficiency.

Toyota Priusrecognized in the automotive industry as a pioneer of hybrid cars worldwide, is already working on new generation. This future model will arrive in 2023 with important advances in terms of technology and energy efficiency.

Although the prototypes have not yet been fully revealed, we do know this They are already in the testing phase. Considering the history of four generations, it is likely that the lines will be maintained with a bold print and unconventional.

In fact, this new generation could include details of new releases, like Toyota’s ‘bZ’ line. So, everything points to the arrival of the fifth generation of powerful people hybrid brand system, el ‘Toyota hybrid system’.

New generation Toyota Prius

New generation Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius in 2023: news

However, the powertrain has a An engine of 1.8 liters and one of 2.0 liters, they differ according to each version. For models such as Corolla and Corolla Cross, technology has been optimized and level innovation has been incorporated performance, handling and efficiency.

These updates will also receive the new Toyota Prius. In addition, this model will have improvements in its consumption, which will allow exceeds 40 km/haccording to the Japanese measurement standard.

On a technological level, they will media system ‘Toyota Smart Connect’, the same is found in new models. There will also be a ‘MyT’ app that will allow you to start the model remotely, turn on the air conditionerunlock the car and turn on the hazard lights.

New generation Toyota Prius

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