Toluca makes its cheer debut in the 2022 Aperture final against Pachuca

Toluca premiered a cheer during the team’s entry onto the pitch, one of the best recent Liga MX finals.

Tolucatrue to his habit in the league, he cheered for the final against Pachuca. Under the name “We are all Devils, all together for the eleventh”, this is how the Scarlets welcomed their team in the first test against the Tuzo team.

The Nemesio Diez Stadium It was a gala party, and the atmosphere was deafening, because with 32 thousand people dressed in red, the entry of both teams into the official protocol Liga MX it was one of the best seen in recent editions of the final.

In this regard, the directive Toluca explained the typhus, which was decorated with several devils, all with different meanings.

“She represents all the magic Toluca and your people. The first of them is the devil’s warrior, who will be in a sports fight for glory and in which his indices represent the number 11, which is our goal,” they state in the press release.

“The devil below is a metaphor for the atmosphere of the stadium, which represents the cauldron, hell and the greatness of the team, as one of the most victorious in Mexico. On the side, we see devils and hands that represent the fans, the bat, the songs, which were an important part of the tournament in order to reach the finals,” they added in the text.

The last time the Red Devils Toluca presented typhus in the final Liga MXit was at the Final Tournament 2018, when they measured Santos.

That time, the Crimson threw in the devil with pitchforks and the legend “Por la 11”, but in the end they lost 2-3 on aggregate and the Warriors were crowned.

The Toluca from ‘Nacho’ Ambriz made it to the finals of this Opening in 2022 eliminating America in the semi-finals with a global score of 2-3.

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