Today’s Matches: Toluca vs. Pachuca, Liga MX 2022 Final Live: Result and Goals of the First Leg, Right Now

Live Score: Toluca 0-4 Pachuca | The first match of the final, the opening of the 2022 Liga MX

MIN 47 | TOL 0-4 PAC | Let’s go to the changing rooms!!!

Tuzos del Pachuca goes into the break with a very comfortable 4-0 in favor against the Red Devils of Toluca, in the actions of the first match of the grand final of Aperture 2022.

Ibarra, brilliantly defined on Volpi’s goal…

MIN 45 | TOL 0-4 PAC | Two additional minutes are added

MIN 43 | TOL 0-4 PAC | Isaís threatened his double with a boot down the right wing. The ball hits outside the net of Volpi’s goal.

MIN 41 | TOL 0-4 PAC | Gooooooooooal from Pachucaaaaaa!!!

Mauricio Isaias rises in the choricer zone in an away corner kick. Element Tuzos hits a powerful header and sends the ball into the left post, which was impossible for Volpi.

Los Tuzos, with the hand in the title.

MIN 39 | TOL 0-3 PAC |A cross to the Ustari area is not enough for Sanvezzo to finish it off. The ball goes long.

MIN 36 | TOL 0-3 PAC | Gooooooooooal from Pachucaaaaaa!!!

Great personal game Romario Ibarra, who recovers his pass that was deflected by the Crimson defense. The rebound is left to itself, and in the heads-up he manages to overcome Volpi.

When Toluca played the best, the third Tuzos fell…

Object of desire…

MIN 31| TOL 0-2 PAC | In the assembly game in the free kick. Fernandez sends the ball to the center Marcel Ruiz. The young crimson element hits her first, but sends the bullet into the stands.

Cabral increases the distance in the final…

MIN 27 | TOL 0-2 PAC |In a personal game, Leo Fernández sends a pass to Jean Meneses in space. The former element of León cannot receive the body and the defense takes the ball away from him.

Devils want to wake up at home…

MIN 26 | TOL 0-2 PAC | The one Sanvezzo is missing!!!

The passage past the left belt reaches to Camilo Sanvezzo, who entered through the left post of Oscar Ustari. The Brazilian hit the ball very badly and it ended up very far from Hidalgo’s net.

Romario Ibarra, with which he extinguished Hell…

MIN 19 | TOL 0-2 PAC | The Devils are creating a bit more control over the game, also thanks to Tuzos’ dosing efforts.

The premises still do not arrive with the danger in front of the Ustar goal.

MIN 12 | TOL 0-2 PAC | Gooooooooooal from Pachucaaaaaa!!!

Tuzos’ free kick is deflected wide Gustavo Cabral in that area, enough to change Volpi’s trajectory. The guests already have two differences in the end.

MIN 11 | TOL 0-1 PAC | The second yellow card of the match appears. It’s for Andrés Mosquera, from Tuzos

MIN 10 | TOL 0-1 PAC | The deflected shot ends up hitting the crossbar of Volpi.Los Tuzos, close to the second goal.

MIN 7 | TOL 0-1 PAC | Gooooooooooal from Pachucaaaaaa!!!

Romario Ibarra crosses the ball on the right wing, receives a cross from Erick Sánchez. The Colombian breaks into the space and shoots with his right foot, which hits the right corner of the goal. Tiago Volpi.

MIN 3 | TOL 0-0 PAC | The Devils free kick crosses the area without anyone touching it. Risky game for Hidalguense.

MIN 1 | TOL 0-0 PAC | strong disadvantage Paulino de la Fuente on Carlos Guzman. Element Tuzos receives the first yellow card of the match.

The game stops for a few seconds, Due to the severity of the injury to the Toluca element…

MIN 0 | TOL 0-0 PAC | hostilities begin between Red Devils from Toluca and Tuzos from Pachuca, in the first match of the Liga MX Opening 2022 grand final

Guillermo Almada, coach of Tuzos choose the following eleven people who will go with advantage to Hidalgo…

Toluca’s way to the grand final

The Red Devils placed sixth in the general table after adding 27 units, with a result of seven wins, six draws and four losses. This position forced them to seek their place in the Liguilla via the playoffs.

They won Juarez Braves and in defeated Santos Laguna in the quarter-finals with a total score of 6-4. Finally, With a surprising overall score of 3-2 in the final, they eliminated the leader and big favorite América in the semi-final.

Tickets are sold out for the second leg of the final at Hidalgo Stadium

If you want to attend Hidalgo Stadium next Sunday, we inform you that the Tuzos have announced that The return ticket against Toluca is no longer available. check the details HERE.

Super support of choricer fans before his team’s arrival…

Will Toluca take the title Opening in 2022?

Oscar Ustarigoalkeeper Tuzos has been invited to be the figurehead this Thursday in the state of Mexico…

We have the start of eleven…

Ignatius Ambriz, the crimson coach goes with the stars in search of victory at home…

Pachuca’s way to the grand final…

Tuzos del Pachuca placed fourth in the general standings after 32 points, with a performance of nine wins, five draws and three losses.

In the quarter-finals, the position on the general table was beneficial after 2-2 against Tigres de la UANL, and in the semi-finals they solved their passage after a 6-2 on aggregate against Rayados de Monterrey.

“I see that Toluca is luckier than Pachuca as champion”

The Greater Devil spoke. Jose Saturnino Cardozo The Scarlet legend assures that he sees the best chances for the champion of the Red Devils. check his words HERE

Crimson crowd, ready to make hell

Pachuca and Toluca, to increase their hegemony in short tournaments

Both Diablos and Tuzos increased their record with the arrival of so-called “short tournaments”. Both teams are in the most successful in this phase of Mexican football, and this week he will try to further increase his hegemony. Check the data HERE

Nemesio Diez Stadium, venue of the first duel of the Aperture 2022 Grand Final. Will the Red Devils manage to get a good home advantage?

Welcome to the Liga MX party!!!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Liga MX’s 2022 opening sees a decline. The grand final of Mexican football will soon take place and glory is reserved for only one of the two surviving teams in the semester.

Red Devils from Toluca and Tuzos from Pachuca, each in their own style, they managed to pass each of the previous stages and settle in the final. Now is the moment of truth. and it’s time to find out Which team has the biggest arguments to establish itself as the best at Apertura 2022.

Don’t miss all the emotions that await us duel between Toluca and Pachuca, within the first match of the Aperture 2022 grand final. only for our traditional MINUTE TO MINUTE in BRAND Claro.

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