Today Tamaulipas – They will be supported without party distinction by the state welfare in Tampico

The state administration will provide sensitive support to families that have been affected by the devastation left by the coronavirus pandemic, said the new Sebieno delegate in Tampico, Juana Elda Martínez López.

Juana Elda Martínez López, delegate in Tampico de la Sebien

Author: Baldemar Mijangos

Tampico, Tamaulipas. – The Tamaulipas State Government will provide patrimonial and administrative support generally without party or political distinction, as the Secretary’s instruction State Social Welfare Verónica Aguirre de los Santos is to provide help at the moment when families need it most, said the new delegate v Tampico from Sebien Juana Elda Martinez Lopez.

He added that the offices will remain where they are for the time being, in the boulevard area Adolfo Lopez Mateos, along the northern approach to the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, although they plan to change by next year, as there is a lease until December.

He emphasized that the state administration will provide significant support to the families from Tampico who were affected by the destruction caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and that as a help they will set up bazaars in their homes where items of opportunity will be sold.

“As a delegate from Tampico (order), it is now necessary to reach every corner of the colonies in order to support people who need it, to be humane with them, because this is what the government of Dr. América Villarreal marks us, and therefore to support everyone, not to watch matches, to be institutional”, he specified.

“Of course, we know what needs there are and we are here for that and that is why we will support everyone who needs it. This is the task we have from our secretary Verónica Aguirre, so we will reach every corner of every neighborhood, and we are more and more ready to help to everyone who needs it,” he added.

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