Tips for keeping your car’s brakes in optimal condition

Keeping the vehicle’s braking system in perfect condition guarantees the safety of the driver, those accompanying him inside, and even people, as well as other units that can be found rolling on the asphalt.

On this way it is important to pay attention to what happens to the various components that make it upbecause constantly exposed to friction they wear out.

So, Discs and pads require regular maintenance and replacement as they are subject to gradual deterioration every time the vehicle slows down.

When a certain wear limit of these components is reached, they must be replaced.

The minimum thickness of the brake band is indicated on the discs, while the brake pads are usually equipped with a wear indicator, which signals the time for their replacement.

Usually It is recommended to check the brakes every 15,000 or 20,000 kilometers, but if vibrations start to be registered when trying to stop the vehicle, it is necessary to go to an expert immediately.

The main signs of disc and pad wear

• Ignition of the braking sensor on the board, if the unit has one
• Noises start to be heard during braking
• The presence of vibrations when trying to brake is known.
• Deep circular lines or radial cracks in the brake line begin to become apparent.
• There are signs of engine overheating and this causes the vehicle’s temperature sensor to activate.

Replacement of brake fluid and hydraulic components

Just as the oil level is periodically checked in vehicles, care must also be taken to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of brake fluid.

Regarding the replacement of brake calipers and other hydraulic components of the brake system such as pipes, brake cylinders, brake master cylinder, they must be replaced when they show obvious damage or when they show accidental breakage.

It should be noted that replacing parts or components with low-quality ones may jeopardize the safety and efficiency of braking, therefore, it is advisable to get new parts from certified suppliers as well.

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