Tiktoker shows what “Bodega Aurrerá”, the French version, looks like

  • In 2020, Bodega Aurrerá was the most valuable retail brand in Mexico.

  • Currently, TikTok has just over 1.7 billion users worldwide.

  • A recent study revealed that the Chinese social network was positioned as the most downloaded mobile app in 2022.

Through her TikTok account, a young foreigner shows what the French version of the “Bodega Aurrerá” store is like, that is, a store that somehow keeps prices low for consumers.

This is not only happening in Mexico, but it is especially important for consumers in various countries to make a better, more careful selection of the most necessary products, especially in times when people’s economies are seriously affected as a result of the global crisis. the health emergency and inflation resulting, among other factors, from the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

So, within the wide range of self-service stores that exist on the market, Bodega Aurrerá is one of the most popular because it offers an important variety of items meet the needs of consumers, whether in terms of food, personal hygiene or others.

This is confirmed by the Walmex study, which states that Bodega Aurrerá, which belonged to Walmart Mexico and Central America, was the retail brand with the highest value in Mexico according to a ranking published in 2020, the year in which it led the list of Walmart facilities with a total of 2,088 branches.

In this context, we are in a time when old habits of consumption have returned after a long period in which it was e-commerce (e-commerce) is positioned as a great method of buying/selling due to facility closures due to the global health crisis.

That being said, amid the “boom” of social networks, a significant number of users and/or consumers are showing their shopping experiences through social networks, which are key tools for brand strategies.

Foreigner on TikTok shows what “Bodega Aurrerá”, the French version, looks like

The TikTok window is undoubtedly important these days, given that, on the one hand, we are talking about a context in which short video platforms dominate the content of social networks.

When we talk about the Chinese social network, from the beginning we are talking about the favorite platform called Generation Z, that is, younger users who as detailed by the Pew Research Centerthey have their favorite social networks on TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube Shorts.

On the other hand, TikTok is one of the most successful platforms in terms of Marketing digital and from influencer marketingas pointed out in the report of The State of Influencer Marketing in 2021.

Since its birth, the social network developed by ByteDance has shown constant growth, so much so that today it is almost impossible to imagine a context without TikTok and show the button.

Call Vivi_Voyage88the foreign content creator used her TikTok account to publicize what the culture is like in her native country and where she lives in Coacalc, Mexico, which has gained her considerable popularity.

Now, in one of his latest videos, tiktoker decided to share what Bodega Aurrerá looks like in France, the country where he was born.


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? original sound – Vivi_Voyage88

This kind of content undoubtedly reflects the importance that social networks have today, where a large number of users are able to develop ideas with which they are able to generate empathy and interesting interaction with other users.

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