Tiktoker asks the millionaire and reveals the owner of Pulparind

  • “Survey on Virtual Influencers” It is a study that revealed the reasons why content creators are followed on networks like tiktok.

  • Just as they discovered the owner of the Pulparindo brand on the networks, content creators also made use of various resources on this social network.

  • Cases that attracted attention, becoming unexpected movements on social networks, motivated the importance of social networks.

Discover the owner Pulparindo and products of Rose candies is not something that happens everyday, therefore honesty a millionaire explaining innocent tiktokerwho carried clothes like a bag Chanelto own brands like Pulparindoone of the most popular delicacies in Mexico.

Creating content for social networks has now become a guideline for all kinds of viral incidents, which have taken advantage of these facts, to achieve conversations that attract the attention of the audience and not only that, to consolidate activities of weight before consumers. .

Faced with this, it is important to consider elements that manage to be transcendent in the way brands connect with the consumer, based on guidelines that manage to attract the audience and not only that, actions that manage to be of interest to brands in their daily work.

This daily work is part of the trends that are consolidated among the audience, when they are asked what are the reasons for entering an influencer’s account to see their content. 26 percent agreed with the Virtual Influencers Survey that they did it because their content was simply good. Another 18 percent agreed that the talk they had was persuasive, while 15 percent said they did it because they were inspired.

The motifs at hand for content creators have become increasingly valuable as they evolve from a simple content opportunity into trends of great commercial value.

We’ve seen this trending argument starring Dog Face, when it was controversial tiktoker drinking the juice in surprise Ocean spray while skating with background music from Fleetwood Mac (Dreams).

The action became a powerful viral campaign for Ocean spray who ended up sponsoring tiktoker Nathan Apodaca, giving him a truck, which drew attention to social media for the impact these platforms have on consumer communication.

Faced with these phenomena, huge resources have been imposed that we cannot lose sight of today, especially now when it is strategic for the consumer to acquire valuable resources on the market, such as viral references for making a purchase decision. This influence was patented when the famous Chewbacca mask trend appeared, when it is American Candance Payne he decided to record himself reacting to the strangeness of a famous mask that imitated the scream of a famous character from Star Wars.

They discover the owner of Pulparind

The tiktoker Georgia Swaindedicated to creating content by asking people what brands of clothing they wear, got a million dollar surprise when he asked a woman what she was doing while carrying an expensive Chanel bag.

@georgiarswain We’re craving sweets after this interview 🤩🍬 First of all, her Gabrielle is lovely and was the kindest woman (we talked much more about their story later). But who else has heard of or eaten candy from their company? It’s the number one candy in Mexico😱 @dulcesdelarosadlr #doyouknowthenameofyourhandbag #luxuryhandbags #luxurylover #luxuryhandbaglover #chanellover #luxurylifestyle #whatdoyoudoforliving #interview #luxuryinterview #fromredeluxe #chanel21p #chanel19ruecambon #chanelshopping #chanel22s #chanel19bag #chanelbag #chanelruecambon #chanelclassic #chanelheart #chaneladdict #chanelinternational #chanelunboxing #chanelmini #chanelcaviar #chanelrainbow #chanelboybag #chanelearrings #chanellove ♬ original sound – Georgia Swain

In her answer, the woman said that she is the owner of De la Rosa sweets, which stand out for their marzipan and sweet and sour sweets like Pulparindo.

This series of actions imposed important trends that serve to understand the market and, most importantly, reveal the audacity generated in fact-finding networks, which eventually become viral opportunities.

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