Tigres vs Toluca Femenil LIVE today (5-0) | 31.10.2022

21:52 21 minutes ago


The game is over, Tigres has smashed Toluca

21:51 22 minutes ago


Despite Toluca’s attempts, Tigres prevents the ball from passing.

21:38 35 minutes ago


Goal, goal, goal for Tigres! Driving past Ovalle, he entered the area and sent a deadly shot for fifth position.

21:25 an hour ago


Toluca looks to create danger, but Tigres are well positioned

21:18 an hour ago


An excellent defensive intervention prevents Fishel from firing.

21:14 an hour ago


Goal, goal, goal for Tigres! Belén Cruz sends to save the ball and puts the third

21:13 an hour ago


Actions continue at the University

20:49 an hour ago


The first part is over, Tigres defeats Toluca.

20:46 an hour ago


Powerful head kick that ends up in the hands of Santiago.

20:40 2 hours ago


Change of Toluca. Lopez leaves and Miranda takes her place.

20:35 2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Tigres! Ledezma scored the second goal from a free kick.

20:33 2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Tigres! A cross that Fishel finishes by tapping in for the first goal.

20:26 2 hours ago


Go… NOTHING! Mía Fishel sent the ball to the foot of the goal with a killer header, but it was disallowed because the ball went out.

20:20 2 hours ago


The mayor’s shot goes wide.

20:12 2 hours ago


Strong shot by Roman, but the ball goes wide

20:05 2 hours ago


Actions begin in Monterrey.

19:56 2 hours ago

XI Toluca:

W. Toledo; Y. Martinez, J. Lopez, L. Vine, K. Martinez; Z. Hernandez, N. Granados, B. De Graca, N. Colin; M. Roman, D. Duron.

19:552 hours ago

XI Female Tigers

C. James; B. Sierra, G. Espinoza, A. Rodriguez, N. Gaitan; N. Anthony, L. Market, L. Ovalle; S. Major, M. Fishel, U. Kanu

19:52 2 hours ago

To court

Both teams are already on the field ready to start warming up before the game

19:48 2 hours ago

At home

Tigres Femenil are already in their possession, they will look to provide a comfortable encounter and add a win that will take them to the semi-finals

19:47 2 hours ago


Toluca will be looking for the complicated task of beating Tigres in their quest for passage

19:34 3 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Toluca has only 27 goals in their favor, despite the fact that they will try to increase the number, it looks complicated because the cats have only thirteen goals against.

19:29 3 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Mia Fishel is the one that Toluca must pay special attention to, the striker has 17 goals and will try to increase her number.

19:24 3 hours ago

eye here

In the regular phase of the tournament, Tigres established themselves as the best striker with 48 goals, so they will try to keep adding in this phase of the Liguilla.

19:19 3 hours ago

Almost there

In less than an hour, this important match between Tigres and Toluca will begin. What a duel is yet to come at the University.

19:14 3 hours ago

the last meeting

The last time these teams met was in the 14th round, when Toluca lost to Tigres four to one.

19:09 3 hours ago

We’re back!

We go back minute by minute to the match between Tigres and Toluca Femenil. We will soon share the most relevant information with you, as well as confirmed lineups.

19:04 3 hours ago

Don’t leave here to watch Tigres Femenil vs Toluca Femenil live

In a few moments, we’ll share the starting lineups for Tigres Femenil vs Toluca Femenil live, along with the latest information coming out of the University Stadium. Don’t miss the details of the match minute by minute and live via VAVEL.

18:59 3 hours ago

Where and how to watch Tigres Femenil vs Toluca Femenil online and live

18:54 3 hours ago

When is the Tigres Femenil vs. Toluca Femenil quarterfinal Aperture Return 2022 Liga MX Femenil?

18:49 3 hours ago

Statements of women from Toluca

Gabriel Velasco spoke after the first series in which Toluca fell heavily: “We have to take advantage of the opportunities we create, it’s a matter of strength, less mistakes behind us, because we give them five options, and they scored four, we had the same five and we couldn’t score , it’s a matter of ability. At the end of the day, in the competition it plays a role, it’s quality. It doesn’t scare me or frighten me, we knew it was like that and We have to keep improving, there are things that, despite the result, are done. Well, that is what needs to change on Monday.”

18:44 3 hours ago

Statements by female tigers

18:39 4 hours ago

How is Toluca Femenil coming?

18:34 4 hours ago

How does Tigres Femenil arrive?

18:29 4 hours ago

The match is played at the University Stadium

The Tigres Femenil vs. Toluca Femenil match will be played at the Estadio Universitario located in Monterrey, Nuevo León. The facility has a capacity for 31,388 people.

18:24 4 hours ago

Good day to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live streaming of Tigres Femenil vs. Toluca Femenil, which corresponds to the quarterfinals of Liga MX Femenil. The meeting is at the University Stadium, at 19:00.

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