Tigers vs. Rayadas (2-1). GOALS Half time

Monterey, New Leon /

The first match of the Aperture semi-finals was played between Tigres Femenil and Rayadas, where Amazonas managed to win 2-1 thanks to a double from Stephany Mayorwhich put her team in a numerically disadvantageous position after the exclusion

The first half was for the home teamwho managed to make rapid progress, because in minute 3, Stephany Mayor appeared make the first after the ball that remained in a small space after a header against the crossbar.

Diana Evangelista had several opportunities to equalize; the first went in 27′ with a header that deflected off a defender; the second, in 28′, when he entered the penalty area, kicked it out, but when it was time to shoot, the defense showed up and sent the ball into the corner.

Mayor scored twice in 41′using the ball into the area of ​​Jaqueline Ovalle who left it in front of the goalkeeper Alejandría Godínez to only define and increase to 2-0 before the break.

In 63′, Mayor was sent off for stepping on Mariano Cadenaa play that was not marked as a foul at first, but after the intervention of the VAR, the auriazul striker ended up being sent off due to a straight red card, a decision that was not liked in the stadium.

Band reduced to 68 ‘, to the free kick he took Rebecca Bernal and he was lucky to hit the barrier and the bypass ended in the goal defended by Cecilia Santiago for 2-1, who threw himself on the opposite side, on his left.

The guests tried to take the lead with a goal to look for an equaliser, but they had a hard time creating chances, because they struggled Santiago until 93‘, when María Salas shot from a distance.

The Vuelta match will be next Monday, November 7 at 9:06 p.m. at the BBVA stadium, where the team that will go to the finals of the competition will be defined, where the winner of the series between América and Chivas Femenil will be determined.

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