Thus the MIR system and offer for doctors in France and Belgium

Medical workers.

Number of requests for doctors find out about the working conditions offered by neighboring countries has increased significantly in recent years. This advice, among other platforms, provides Spanish Association of Doctors in Europe (Medes), which presented the main differences between France Mr Belgium in connection with the process homologation of the title of Medicas well as some general information about medical training and residency systemto help those doctors who are looking for more successful job opportunities outside our borders.

Regarding the organization and management of the authorization of doctors, General Administration for Education leads this process through the Walloon-Brussels Federation, doc France does not require the homologation of a medical degreeonly one copy of it translated into French by a court translator.

Management in the neighboring country is carried out with European digital identitywhich is available to EU citizens, residents and businesses who wish to identify themselves or verify certain personal data to access services, public and private, online and offline, across the EU.

How is enrollment in the medical specialty?

Regarding admission to the medical specialty, neither of the two countries requires passing a special language exam. In the case of France, those interested can take the ‘Épreuves Classantes Nationales’ (ECNi), the equivalent of the internal medicine exam in Spain, to gain access to the desired specialty.

This exercise consists of a multiple choice exam divided into three days consists of different exercises: clinical cases, free questions and two scientific articles with 15 questions each. After completing the French MIR, as in Spain, the specialty and the region are chosen respectively, according to the number obtained.

The process is completely different in Belgiumwhere the application is presented in the month of February through the website of the university, which must go accompanied by various documents: curriculum vitae, motivation letter, academic file and notes from the rotatorium. The continuation goes to file selection by Committee of specialists of the Ministry of Health that if the process continues, the candidate will be invited to participate in a personal interview between June and July to enter the medical specialty.

Can you change specialties or medical services?

France enables Free change of specialty at the end of the first year of trainingtaking into account the classification of the doctor at the examination, while the variation of the service lasts every six months.

IN Belgiumchange of specialty implies participate in the selection process again. As for the services, they usually change every 6-12 months. Namely, as Medeš points out, healthcare professionals receive a training plan with services through which they will rotate during the years of residency, but it can be changed as long as the person responsible for the specialty is satisfied with the rotation. a paid alternative was found.

Is it possible to find a job as a doctor?

Finding work in France and Belgium does not seem to be a problem for medical professionals. In fact, the platform holds it there are enough places for everyone who applies for ECNi and that all candidates are entitled to one since there is no judicial assessment. However, as in Spain, the exam score will determine the specialty you can choose.

In the Belgian system, any qualified doctor without specialization or residence has the possibility to act as Triple 0, which refers to the last three digits of the membership number, which the medical association assigns during enrollment after the diploma is approved. The last three digits of this number change only when you are a resident or specialist.

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