Through tears, the dear VLA driver has been asking for his immediate departure since morning: “I don’t want to continue anymore”

Morning show again”come joy” was put on everyone’s lips after one of his most beloved and controversial collaborators burst into tears in front of the television cameras to express his desire to leave acting, since he probably stopped enjoying the work that gave him so much joy.

In the full live broadcast, the entertainment expert couldn’t hide his frustration as he asked for a microphone to make an important announcement, leaving complete shock to the vast majority of his colleagues and thousands of viewers who followed the morning program of the renowned TV Azteca.

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The VLA driver asks for his immediate departure

A few weeks ago, “come joy“He surprised the entire audience by confirming the start of the second season of the reality show”I want to sing!“, featuring various members of his cast and other guest stars putting their skills to the test in front of the microphone.

Despite the great acceptance that the competition had, Gabo Cuevasone of the most prominent contestants, he reportedly did not have a good time due to the demand and low ratings he received in his last entries, which is why he asked to be allowed to leave the competition.

In a recent show “I want to sing!“, the TV presenter asked for a few minutes to express the sadness and anguish caused by his participation in the reality show because he is not calm because he is getting low marks for his performance on stage.

In front of the whole lineup”come joy“, burst into tears the journalist of the show “I want to sing!” This took away his peace and created too much frustration. In this sense, he said that it is best to go out so that the public does not have a bad image of him.

“Being here is a dream. It doesn’t give me peace anymore. I’m very happy. I don’t want to continue competing anymore because it frustrates me a lot, I don’t want people to see me as a rude person. without adding anything positive,” he said just before that made him cry.

Seeing her partner crying, Flor Rubio and Laura G – hosts of the show “Venga La Alegría” – expressed their support and asked her to continue the competition because after a few weeks she is one of the favorites to stay until the last stage. competitions.

It will be this Friday, October 27, when the future will take place Gabo Cuevas inside the reality show “I want to sing!” because in addition to expressing his desire to leave, he was also fined, and tomorrow it could be defined whether he continues or leaves the competition.


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