This was the time when Lady Di gave a great gift to Carlos III, and he publicly humiliated her

The troubles he experienced Diana Spencerbetter known as Lady Di during her marriage to him now King Charles III there were almost countless; however, from time to time, due to her husband’s attitude, she had a bad time in public.

Such was the case with the unexpected disparagement in public that Lady Di died in 1985, when she tried to surprise the then prince with a sensual dance for her 37th birthday; but he answered with fury.

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Sensual dance for Carlos III

This episode took place when Lady Di and King Carlos III attended a gala in Royal Opera House Londonthen the princess decided to give him a surprise your husband and jumped onto the stage of the theater, where an important part of the British royal family gathered to interpret the dance version of the song “uptown girl” from Billy Joel.

For the interpretation of this dance, Diana was preparing next to an experienced dancer Wayne Sleepwho through graceful choreography managed to avoid Diana being taller than him with some tricks to show off on stage.

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Diana won everyone except her husband

According to Sleep, public response It was very pleasant because there was a euphoric reaction from the audience of 2,500 people, and part of the British royal family happily applauded the presentation, which was not recorded on video, but of which there are some photographs that have remained as witnesses of historical history. an event.

He recreated this sensual dance Netflix seriesCrown”, which shows Lady Di dancing and King Carlos III’s face showing total displeasure, it is even believed that he pushed the princess and accused her of trying to overshadow him.

It should be noted that it is well known that Diana, while married to Carlos, went through humiliation, abuse and infidelity, although the rest of the royal family turned a deaf ear to broken heart that the present King Charles always confessed to Diana.

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