This is why men avoid going to the doctor

spend time Go to the doctor for examination when you are considered to be healthy and lead an active life it may seem unnecessary. There are many things that need to be done and they all seem to be more important than the doctor’s appointment. So this query will probably be skipped once and then again until it’s too late.

For this reason, making a hole in the agenda for this visit once a year can be a great measure stay healthy as much as possible in the near future and long term. Women usually attach more importance to it; instead of that, men don’t seem to find meaning at all. “Why? If I’m a child,” someone will say.

Fear and high self-perception

It is because of this perception, the perception that you are better than you really are, that most men have so much trouble going to the doctor. This is shown by one who spent Harris poll for Orlando Health. The obtained results determined that many men Americans – although this can be extrapolated to other men – believe that they are, in general, betterhealthier than other men and that they do not need to do any verification.

Of the 900 men, all adults, who completed an online survey, 65% said they were healthier than other men they knew. dr. Thomas Kelley, a family medicine specialist at Orlando Health Physician Associates, couldn’t agree more with these perceptions: “It is statistically impossible that most men are healthier than other men,”

A good majority of men believe that they are in such good health that they do not need to see a doctor

A good majority of men believe that they are in such good health that they do not need to see a doctor


On the other side, 33% believe that annual medical examinations are useless and that it is better not to waste time with them. And they do, since during the examination a series of tests which are necessary to help both the patient and the doctor get the most accurate possible picture of general health: blood pressure, heart rate and organ condition, among others.

The investigation also revealed that 38% of respondents usually get health advice from social networks, which can be risky if reliable sources are not used. This situation is more common than it seems incites fears unnecessary. The same percentage of men admitted that they worry more for the health of your pets than your own. It’s okay to take care of others, but according to Kelly, in order to “take care of others in your life, you have to take care of yourself first, and that includes an annual check-up with your GP.”

Going to the doctor is neither useless nor unnecessary

So doing these simple checks is a good way to find out what your situation is, at least if that’s the case stay calm and rule out ailments or illnesses which are not expressed by symptoms. Constantly maybe there is something hidden and, as you get older, your chances of getting worse increase. And it doesn’t matter if you are still young: in your 30s you will have bigger health problems than in your 20s.

A visit, moreover, always produces some ask about a topic that might concern you: initial hair loss, a small lump on the leg that does not go away, or dizziness when getting out of bed. It’s always good to have a professional answer and catch diseases early.

“Even if you think you’re healthy and don’t have any problems, problems can occur that often go unnoticed and can be life-threatening if left untreated,” Kelley concluded.

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