This is what Maximiliano looks like, the ONLY son Rebecca Jones had with Alejandro Camacho | PHOTOS

With a recent return to health Rebecca Jonesit’s the right time to find out more about the personal life of the actress, who, in addition to being a famous artist in the Mexican environment, is the mother of a young man called Maximilian who gave birth while she was the actor’s wife Alexander Camacho and today you will have a view of life and path the only child both histrions, with these Photos how it looks right now.

Maximilian is the product of the love of a 25-year marriage between Rebecca Jones Mr Alexander Camacho so now that her mother is facing a health condition after her immune system suffered a decline that led to the actress being taken to the CDMX hospital where doctors are already treating her but they are looking for blood donors to stabilize your condition.

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