This is what Kevin James and Thomasin McKenzie would look like in ‘The Incredibles’ live action

There will be no better choice than Ellie Kemper to interpret Elastigirl, think no more!

Let’s think for a moment about the possibility of playing live Incrediblethis animated film that won us over with its History of two Superheroes who immediately fell in love with their bachelor days and not long after they decided to lead a quieter life before the arrival of their descendants.

The personalities and abilities of Bob and Helen’s children are unique, and just like them, real-life actors will have to meet the specifications of these fantastic characters. Kevin James and Ellie Kemper will be the parents of Violeta, Dash and Jack-Jack.

Linda Hunt as Edna Mode


Linda Hunt, American actress and Oscar winner for The Year We Lived Dangerously, has been cast as Edna Mode, the superhero fashion designer. How are you!

Kevin James as Bob Parr


Comedian Kevin George Knipfing is known for his roles in King of Queens and Mall Hero. Can you imagine him in a red Bob Parr suit?

Ellie Kemper as Elastigirl


Elizabeth Claire Kemper is a writer and comedian who we can perfectly place for the role of Erin Hannon in the series The Office. This actress will play the sensational Elastigirl in The Incredibles live action.

Thomas’s Mckenzie Como Violet Parr


Originally from New Zealand, Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie would be the right actress for the role of Violet Parr. It would surely be a surprise to see this shy girl embodied by Mckenzie!

Anthony Mackie as Lucius (Frozone)


Actor Anthony Mackie was honored for his role as Sergeant JT Sanborn in The Hurt Locker, the Oscar-winning film for Best Picture. There is nothing to think about.

Roman Griffin as Dash


Golden Globe nominee Roman Griffin Davis would be a perfect fit for the role of restless Dash. The British actor took part in the film Jojo Rabbit, which develops the story of a boy from the Hitler Youth who discovers the presence of a Jewish girl in his attic.

Tommy Lee Jones as Gilbert Huph


Physically, Tommy strongly resembles Gilbert Huff from The Incredibles. The American actor and filmmaker would be a perfect piece for a possible live-action, which surely many would be eager to see.

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