This is the Volkswagen Gol Last Edition, the farewell edition: spy photos

For the first time, the Volkswagen Gol Last Edition appeared on the streets of Brazil, as it made its way to dealers. The end is near.

Now yes, it is a matter of time Volkswagen gold officially say goodbye to the production lines. And this is confirmed by his appearance, for the first time farewell edition in spy photos it can already be seen heading towards retailers in Brazil. This series will be called “Last Edition” and will have certain signs to identify it in relation to a conventional Target.

The pictures, which were quickly published in the specialized press of the neighboring country, were taken by Internet user Reginaldo Martins. in them few details are obvious characteristic of this vehicle, which it will be a collection and very special within the Brazilian production of Volkswagen.

And not for less. The Gol was the best-selling car in Brazil for 27 years, and until today, has been in place for 42 years in production linesthrough four generations. The dynamics of the market have changed radically and this has led the company to a decision finish their cycle without a new generation.

Volkswagen Gol Last Edition spy photos

Volkswagen Gol Last Edition: what does it look like?

As seen in the photos, the Volkswagen Gol Last Edition It will have metallic red paint with trim and 15-inch black wheels as standard.. Specifically, this color will be present on the roof, integrated spoiler with brake light, tailgate, center stand, door handles and some decals that go on the lower part of the doors.

But a very special detail is that, on this occasion, undercarriage guards and fenders made of black plastic, as if to give it an appearance crossover. It should be mentioned here that a few years ago, an adventure version with this accessory was sold in Brazil, at that time known there as “Gol Track”.

Finally, there is also black stripe in the license plate areaand on the side of this, they were involved two reflectors. The pictures don’t show the front, but the person who took them assured Brazilian media that he had searchlights similar to Saveiro’s and blacked-out headlights.

On a mechanical level, it is speculated that It will carry a 1.0-liter engine with 84 hp. who still carry the basic Gol in that country. If they decided to sell an equivalent version in Colombia, it would have to come with the venerable 99bhp or 110bhp 1.6 engine that they maintain to this day.

Volkswagen Gol Last Edition spy photos

It wouldn’t be unreasonable for Goal Last Edition to make it to Colombia somehow. In our environment and the Goal is an icon that is still valid. It is currently positioned as the cheapest car on the domestic marketFor the price of 51,490,000 dollars for the Comfortline mechanical version.

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Oscar Julian Restrepo Mantilla. Source: Instagram @regiscarvex.

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