This is the price of beer at the Mexican Grand Prix

The Mexican Grand Prixand everything that surrounds it Formula 1 in the country, is an event that leave more economic spills in recent years. Since we are under the sun, one of the main consumptions is drink. Then we inform you how much you will have to take to be able to spend if you want to hydrate at Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez.


There is something for everyone. In a can, a glass, a bottle, and even without alcohol. The range goes from 100 to 150 pesos.


The natural water it will cost 40 pesos, a refreshments as well as mineral water can be bought at 70 pesos. Energy drinks and teas or flavored drinks will cost 80 pesos.


Alcoholic drinks have a greater variety, than liqueurs such as, for example Whiskey, Tequila, Rum, Ginebra or Vodka, among others. In addition, there is the option of ordering a single or double drink, and depending on how you order them, the price will be as well. The cheapest is vodka, how much will it simply cost 120 pesos and double 230.

On the other side, whiskey slightly increase costs. Ranging from 180 to 700 pesos depending on what you’re looking for, that is the most expensive drink available. Tequila, which will be Don Julio in the reposado branch and 70, is 180 pesos for a single for 300 for a double and 300 for a single and 500 pesos for a double, respectively.

According to Forbes, the Mexican GP generates 400 million dollarsplacing itself as the second most economically impactful circuit behind Abu Dhabi.

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