This is the beer brewing at the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix

  • Brands such as El Villamelon, Café Punta del Cielo or El Califa offer drinks and food

  • The average increase in some redoubts did not exceed 10 pesos.

  • Within merchandise, hats and collectibles can cost a little over 4 thousand pesos.

No big event would be complete without food and drinks, and the F1 Grand Prix of Mexico knows this and demonstrates it with a whole series of stands and performances, which it tries to complete the experience of participating in one of the last mega events of the year, so Merca20, in the driveway within Mexican Grand Prix 22, shows the increase in beer compared to last year.

Food and beverage costs at the Mexican Grand Prix Formula 1 race

As in almost every event, the presence of markets is necessary, since they are the ones that give life and color to different attractions, with the purpose of consumers and visitors locating their presence and thereby achieving positioning within people’s tastes, such is the case of companies such as are Heineken beer, Coca-Cola, Oxxo, Kit-Kat, Banamex, Paramount Plus, Dominos Pizza, Krispy Kremeamong others, who offer various products, without a roof over their heads, some of them have arrived, raising their price up to 10 pesos, or more compared to last year.

Among them we can note the prices of the comparison stand Heineken 2021-2022

Mexican Grand Prix 2021

  • Heineken Original – Double glass $150 pesos
  • Heineken 0.0 without alcohol – $140 pesos
  • Coca-Cola – 70 and 140 dollars pesos

Mexican Grand Prix 2022

  • Heineken Original – Double glass $160 pesos
  • Heineken 0.0 without alcohol – $140 pesos
  • Coca-Cola – 70 and 140 dollars pesos

In the same way, it was pointed out that the sale of alcoholic beverages such as a glass of whiskey reaches 700 pesos, while more traditional dishes such as four pastor tacos cost around 140 pesos, while a pastor burrito costs 160 pesos.

While more traditional foods also fetch significant prices. Four pastor tacos for 140 pesos or a pastor burrito for 160, as well as hot chocolate which is 110 pesos, pastor cake for 160 dollars.

As for merchandise, a Mercedes or Red Bull cap costs around 4,000 pesos, a t-shirt around 8,000 pesos, and products from previous seasons around 2,500 pesos.

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