This is how the semifinals of the Aperture 2022 Liga MX FemenilMediotiempo will be played

the city of Mexico /

classic semi-final. Wow crosses defined in Liga MX Femenil with National Classic and Royal Classic to define those who will advance to the grand final Opening in 2022.

America and Chivas will face each other after winning their series. The Azulcremas had no problem eliminating Xolas with a convincing global 3-0 leaving the border with no options. In Ida, the Águilas gained the smallest advantage, and in the Vuelta they finished the elimination with 2-0.

for his part, those from the Holy Herd had a rival who offered the greatest resistance in the quarter-finals: Cruz Azul. The light blues lost 1-0 at Ida, but at the Vuelta they did not leave an easy task to the current champions of the pink round and they ended with 1-1 for him Total 2-1 in favor of leading tournaments.

A regional classic

Tigres defeated Toluca. 9-0 was enough clarify the favoritism over the cats who led the series 4-0 and at home they had one goal party thanks to the 5-0 that awarded the crimson elimination.

While Rayadas was a bit more difficult after Pachuca took a 2-1 lead in the first leg, but in Sultaniathose of Eva Espejo took advantage of the locality and they left things calm with 4-0.

The data

Rayadas won two of the three Liguilla series against Pachuca.

  • Closing 2019 | Semi-final
  • Opening 2022 | Quarter finals

The team from Hidalgo has not yet won the title in the women’s league after 11 consecutive Liga MX Femenil tournaments.

Tigres Femenil has always qualified for the semi-finals.

  • Opening in 2017
  • Closing in 2018
  • Opening in 2018
  • Closing in 2019
  • Opening in 2019
  • guardians 2020
  • Guardians 2021
  • Opening in 2021
  • Closing in 2022
  • Opening in 2022

first time in 58 series of league in the league woman what one team wins by nine goals. Las Diablas and Celestials join the group clubs what advance in the leaguebut They cannot win any series in the women’s competition.

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