This is how Meghan and Harry maintain their luxurious lifestyle

Bad Dukes of Sussex they left the British crown to go in search of their financial freedom. The Crown officially stopped caring about the couple’s expenses in March 2021, but since then How Meghan and Harry managed to manage their luxurious lifestyle? Here we reveal to you.

After their departure, Dukes of Sussex They evaluated several business alternatives and thus came to the signature million dollar contracts with the streaming giants, which currently ranks them as the highest-paid couples in the Spotify or Netflix. And what allowed them to do that compare his lavish villa in Montecito and indulge in his lavish lifestyle.

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Dukes of Sussex
Dukes of Sussex. Photo: AFP

That’s how they earned most of their income


According to foreign media such as “The Sun”, Meghan and Harry are believed to have won the least 100 million pounds sterling in its business deal with Netflix.

The marriage soon launches a rather controversial reality show about the intimate life of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The premiere date is still pending, but the money is already in your bank account.

Meghan and Harry
Meghan and Harry. Photo: AFP


A Swedish company offered a job Meghan and Harry for using their platform to play the Archetype podcast, the Duchess of Sussex, done 30 million pounds.

The actress has already published 8 episodes in which she interviewed various personalities such as Serena Williams, Mariah Caray and Paris Hilton. In addition, he made controversial statements that caused controversy among fans of the royal family.


The publisher responsible for “Spare”, a biography of the Duke of Sussex, has made a deal with the couple to write 4 books together. One of them has already been released, it is the children’s story The Bench, written by Meghan. And the second one will be released on January 10, 2023.

According to press reports, Markle and the prince pocketed between £20m and £35m for the publishing deal.

The luxury lifestyle of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
The luxury lifestyle of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Photo: AFP


Finally, prince harry He inherited a valuable sum from his mother, Princess Diana, and grandmother, Queen Mother Elizabeth, who left him between £7m and £6m after their deaths.

Meghan Markle she also added just over $2 million to their joint estate, money she would earn from her acting work. It is worth mentioning that some of the money was generated by Dukes of Sussex It is also donated to various non-profit foundations.

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