This is how Chaco celebrated Santi Giménez’s goal in the Europa League from the stadium

Chaco Giménez euphorically celebrated Santiago Giménez’s goal with Feyenoord in the Europa League, which brought him victory and a ticket to the round of 16.

Chaco was present at the stadium and celebrated Santi Giménez's goal.
© Imago | InstagramChaco was present at the stadium and celebrated Santi Giménez’s goal.

Santi Giménez was the hero of the Europa League and also the scoring manager. Proudly marked by a quarry Blue crossthe Forward uncovered with goal in the 6th round of the Europa League to give victory Feyenoord and with him his ticket to the round of 16 from Feijenoord Stadiumwhere was he witness deluxe.

Christian Gimenezfather of Former marksman of the Machine and also with history in cement club as idolit was present in the bathtubso that he could testify fully live of the dreamlike moment his first-born lived this Thursday of The old continent.

It was the 64th minute when Santi Giménez blew up the bathtub. On the first ball he touched, after entering the exchange a minute earlier, sent him to save with a lucky kick from the area, so he Chaco Gimenez burst out of rostrum and did not hesitate to jump and celebrate it in a euphoric way next to his son’s girlfriend, Fer Serrano.

He was A Mexican actress herself who captured the moment when he jumped up hugging himself with former captain from Blue cross from rostrumin the middle of everything Feyenoord fans who have gone mad and not hesitated to applaud the Mexican strikerwhich also established himself as the best scorer in the group stage of the Europa Leagueadding four goals.

It was a few weeks ago when he Chaco Giménez traveled to the Netherlands see live for the first time Santi plays in EuropeWell, after being relieved of his duties as a technical assistant in Mazatlán, he took the opportunity to visit the heir to the family name Gimenez, acting in very emotional moments from Europe.

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