This is an impressive luxury lunch of King Carlos III

Despite being surrounded by luxurious personal chefs, the truth is that King Carlos III has a very strict diet. In their daily diet, there is excellent lamb, which goes well with a tasty side dish.

The current King of the United Kingdom is the former Prince of Wales, Charles IIIit was declared that way on September 10, after the unfortunate death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and with it, various interesting facts about the new monarch, including the dishes he chose for lunch, became public.

King Carlos III with his wife. Source: ABC

Among the secrets that came to light, Fr King Charles III His great passion for the gastronomic world was found, so his personal chef from the British house, Darren McGrady, revealed the whole truth in an interview published on the Colombia portal.

According to him, King Charles III The day starts with fruit, sometimes he knows how to skip lunch in order to drink afternoon tea with his beloved boiled eggs and a fuller meal in the evening, so these were his words:

“He usually starts the day with fruit, sometimes skips lunch and has afternoon tea with boiled eggs and something more substantial in the evening.”

Likewise, Darren McGrady also revealed that it is among his favorite foods King Charles III there was lamb with mushroom risotto for lunch. He also admitted that the king became a lover of organic food even before it was “invented”.

Darren McGrady revealed the secret recipe for King Charles III And that’s because, to make this lamb, he would let the meat sear in a pan until cooked through, so he could then finish it using the French sous vide method, a technique that requires sealing the food in hermetically sealed plastic bags. The meat is then placed in a vacuum bag inside a container of water at a high temperature, between 60ºC and 70ºC. This dish is accompanied by risotto, which requires special rice, chicken broth, and is seasoned with tomatoes, mushrooms, basil and truffle oil.

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