They solve the case of young Latin American investigators killed in the USA after the alleged suicide of the suspect

  • Rafael Abuchaibe (@RafaelAbuchaibe)
  • BBC News World

Camila Behrensen and Pablo Guzman

image source, Stowers Institute


Camila Behrensen from Argentina and Pablo Guzmán from Chile were found dead in Kansas City in early October.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Jackson County, in the state of Missouri, USA, announced that the Kansas City police have solved the case of the murder of a young Argentinean and a young Chilean man who took place on October 1.

In a statement, the prosecution highlighted the work of the Kansas City police crime lab after it was able to identify Kevin Ray Moore, 42 years oldas the culprit of a double murder in Argentina Camila Behrensen, 24 years old and a Chilean Pablo Guzman-Palma, 25.

The statement opens a new mystery by revealing that “the suspect, Kevin Ray Moore, died as part of murder-suicide in the district from Clayand said the case remains under investigation.

Prosecutors revealed that police used “phone and computer data, surveillance footage, ballistics evidence and DNA evidence” to solve the case.

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