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what of Elon Musk on Twitter it is already bordering on extreme situations. Your employees sleep on the floor of their offices to fulfill your requirements: if they don’t, they can get fired.

Musk’s ultimatum is to create payment system for invoice confirmation before November 7, or they will be left “on the street”.

Also, An official announcement of the layoff of around 3,700 workers, almost half of the workforce, is expected this Friday. We imagine the pressure of the remaining employees.

A photo of a worker sleeping on the floor in his office was leaked this week. How long will this go?

The arrival of Elon Musk on Twitter

Musk bought Twitter at the end of October for $44 billion, but the company has $1 billion in short-term debt. according to TheVerge.

Because of this, the tycoon made drastic decisions, such as the dismissal of managers and employees. But in addition, there is also the establishment of a payment system for the blue verification badge.

After buying Twitter, Elon Musk had to deal with a huge problem: Kanye West's mental health.

Twitter will charge $8 for a blue badge, something that was completely free in the past, based on the fact that it was awarded based on user authenticity.

The badge will now be part of Twitter Blue (previously $4.95), with the benefits of being able to upload longer videos and audios and generate revenue for creators.

Who is the woman sleeping in the office?

The person in the photo is Esther Crawford, Twitter Product Executive. The photo has been uploaded Evan Jones, also from the company.

When the picture became famous, there were (as usual) both negative and positive comments. Some considered it normal (“It’s typical Silicon Valley,” said one person), and others pointed to the pressure aspect.

But what did Crawford say?

“Since some people lose their minds, I explain: doing hard things requires sacrifice (time, energy, etc.). I have teammates all over the world who are trying to bring something new to life, so it’s important for me to introduce myself to them and keep the team unlocked.”

“We are less than a week away from a massive commercial and cultural transition. People do their best in all functions,” he added.

Crawford was at Squad, which was acquired by Twitter in 2020 and now reports to Musk. As he says in his biography, has two children.

And we add, you have to defend your work tooth and nail. His situation, like that of other people on Twitter, hangs in the balance, never better said.

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