They reveal the real reason why Zague did not want to return to Club América

Luis Roberto Alves Zague
Luis Roberto Alves Zague

Throughout its history, America has had great players in its ranks, both foreigners and Mexicans, but one of the fans’ favorites is the team’s top scorer Luis Roberto Alves Zague.

After playing quite successfully in America, Zague returned to his nest a little later, but as a manager, in one of the most difficult times of the club, in which the sports results were among the worst in the club’s history.

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During his managerial phase, Zague had to deal with Ángel Reyna, one of the most problematic players in the history of Mexican football, who Zague himself accused Reyna of bringing a firearm into the América dressing room.

Zague did not want to return to America.

Reyna recently stated that the weapon situation was a lie from Zague and that he accepted it himself, but that he invented the weapon because he was ordered from above. make Reyna’s life impossible the situation that eventually made him leave America and why he wouldn’t work at Coapa anymore, it’s all Reyna’s own voice.

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