They reveal important news about the replacement of Guillermo Ochoa

The Eagles are in the market for the 2023 Clausura and one doubt that remains is Ochoa’s future.

Guillermo Ochoa has his future on the air with America.
© Image 7Guillermo Ochoa has his future on the air with America.

Guillermo Ochoa is not sure where he belongs in America. Despite the fact that he has become one of the most criticized players by fans in recent days, the board wants to keep the Mexican goalkeeper for the 2023 Clausura and a little more.

Santiago Baños, the sports president of the club, pointed out that the negotiations on the contract extension with Paco Mema are going slowly but surely, since there are still there are some details that need to be agreed upon.

For now, the Eagles have not started negotiations on signing foreign footballers; both the areas that need to be strengthened will be used by Mexican elements. With that in mind and with Ochoa’s recovery in the air, Carlos Acevedo’s name has been circulating in the halls of Coapa for several weeks.

Is Carlos Acevedo coming to America?

Santos Laguna’s goalkeeper sounds like one of Azulcremas’ reinforcements for the next tournament. Rumors indicate that could replace Mem or Óscar Jiménezwho could leave in the absence of minutes.

According to information from John Sutcliffe, a reporter for ESPNUntil now no official offer has reached the Laguneros office try to buy the addition of the 26-year-old Mexican goalkeeper.

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