They put America up for sale and what Irarragorri is offering to own Nest

Irarragorri and his bid to control America
Irarragorri and his bid to control America

In the world of football, the commercial industry has inexorably absorbed platforms and sports spheres to the extent that several teams have been turned into private companies where their owners earn millions and millions of money. This is the path that America would seek after its separation from Televisa.

The idea of ​​the Televisa corporation is to create a company dedicated to the administration of América and the Azteca stadium, very similar to other organizations such as Grupo Pachuca or Grupo Orlegi that have a sports management structure and maintain their teams, now Azcárraga is looking for investors and Alejandro Irarragorri could join the offer to help the owner of America.

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It is clear that Grupo Orlegi is looking for power in the Mexican federation and what better ally than Emilio Azcárraga, who for many years, thanks to his directors, has been in control of Femexfut, so it would not be unreasonable to think that Alejandro Irarragorri would become a shareholder of the new company that would become the owner of America and exercised control from there, on the way to the position of Yona de Luis, according to the W sports report.

What can Irarragorri offer Emilia Azcárraga?

The exchange between Orlegi Group and Televisa could happen due to different interests. Azcárraga is looking for an economic injection, and Irarragorri wants power in the Mexican federation, which is why Televisa would have Irarragorri and his group as a candidate, while the businessman would inject money into a new company that will take over the head of the Americanist squad.

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