They decorate the house in Naucalpan in the style of ‘Stranger Things’: Max and Vecna ​​are floating! – news from the series

It looks like we already have the winners for the best Halloween setting in Mexico: check out this amazing ‘Stranger Things’ style house.

Compared to Juanpa Zurita and his failed Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) costume from Stranger Things, there are some neighbors from the Naucalpan neighborhood, Edomex, who have done a great jobSo much so that their decorations inspired by the series of the Duffer brothers looked a thousand times better than the attempts of the influencer who was compared to the protagonist of the first season of La casa de las flores, Verónica Castro.

The owners of this house took Halloween gringo style seriously, they invested good money in the decoration and the result is enviable. The first detail pointed out by curious people who posted photos on social networks, TikTokFacebook, Twitter etcit’s the one where Max (Sadie Sink) stands up while her friends try to save her with the help of the song “Running up the hill“.

The scene is complete because outside, with the help of a tree and a pillar, they answered Vecna​​​​(Jamie Campbell Bower) in that dramatic scene where he is about to end his life. Everything was made even spookier because those fans hung orange lights and bulbs to make the display equally vintage. On the front of the house, like a window, cracks appear from the “other side”.


Entrance to UpsideDown and Max

If that doesn’t sell you anything for a two-hour ride on public transport, watch ABC in the garage. Just like the one in Eleven’s room (Millie Bobby Brown). But the best touch is on one side, where the wiring is electrified to prevent a bandit from the state of mexico from entering and stealing the beautiful househe is one of the darkest characters in the series and is bested by Hopper (David Harbour).


Vecna ​​and Demogorgon

It’s a demogorgon! Network, if we were bandits, we would think twice because it would be bad to spoil that great recreation. We don’t know who owns this great house, which will surely be like that for Christmas, but they have been drawn. This year I can keep the medal. The new and last season of the series Stranger Thingswhere we believe Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) will be the villain, won’t premiere until next year.

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