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Social networks day by day allow us to meet people who show their resemblance to different celebrities. But nothing compares to those who confused Hailey Bieber with the cashier of Oxxo. In advance: they are like two drops of water!

Can you imagine going for a juice or some fries at the nearest Oxxo and, out of nowhere, Hailey Bieber takes care of you? Of course, this is something almost impossible, however, recently a the young cashier of this famous store chain has gone viral TikTok because of its remarkable resemblance to the pair Justin Bieber. Seriously people, if it’s not the ones named Goku or the Khaleesi, it’s the ones that look a lot like celebrities. This is why we love the internet.

It’s about an influencer Alexa Silva, who gained popularity on social media after sharing her daily life as a cashier at Oxxo. This includes fun facts like how much money a person can make working on this site or their personal taste. Moreover, various users began to notice his physical resemblance to the actress American memes Mr Ocean’s 8: Crooks.

Instagram: lupissilvacano

This is not all, Instagram users also found a certain similarity in the influencer Dua Lipathe famous music star who will soon share scenes with Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryan Cranston and John Cena in the spy movie, For Argy.

So far his Instagram account exceeds 50,000 followers, many of whom take the time to comment on each of her photos and remind her of her resemblance to Dua Lipa. Let’s just hope they don’t cancel her like they canceled the real one’s visit to Mexico City. Oh, don’t you remember why you criticized her? Remember, Dr. Simija and the hat.

Instagram: lupissilvacano

This will not be the first or the last time we meet social network users known for their resemblance to Hollywood stars. This reminds us of the case of a young woman who posed as Rihanna while pregnant, even making fans kiss her belly. Yes, networks can be… very particular when it comes to viral content. And we have no doubt that Hailey will be back in the conversation when Selena Gomez releases her Apple TV+ documentary, My Mind and Me.

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