These motion sensor lights will help you save more on your energy bill

As the weather changes, we have less natural light and therefore need more electricity, and besides, when it’s dark, we feel more insecure. Although this schedule is already final, some motion sensor lights can help us restore peace and represent a significant money saver.

According to data from the National Survey of Urban Public Security conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), more than 64% of the Mexican population over the age of 18 believe that it is not safe to live in their city. The violence in the country and the weak government response force us to maintain certain measures even in our own homes to feel protected.

These lights prevent an intruder from entering the house, save energy and give us more comfort at night because we don’t have to turn on the switch. They act as deterrents if they are placed at strategic points, since they are switched on or off autonomously and only when necessary with their sensor.

60W LED reflector 2 pack

60 W LED spotlight, pack of 2. Photo: Amazon

These 60W security lights have a photocell sensor that can automatically turn the light off at dawn and turn it on after dark. This offers a deterrent effect for the thief by simulating that we are home and alert.

Each bulb consumes only 9 watts of energy, has a particularly long life, does not need a timer, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, has a beautiful clear light and is resistant to rain and dust.

Motion sensor lamp holder

Motion sensor lamp holder. Photo: Amazon

For energy-saving incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. This lamp holder turns any spotlight into a motion sensor light: it lights up with a 360-degree detection angle and a detection distance of 6 meters.

It is possible to regulate the time that remains on for up to 5 minutes. In the same way, it is possible to indicate whether it should turn on when there is ambient light or not.

motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights. Photo: Amazon

It is very annoying when we are sleeping and suddenly want to go to the toilet. In order not to be blinded by the huge spotlight in our room, these small lamps provide enough light with a relaxing warm light.

In “automatic” mode, they detect movement and turn on 90 seconds after the last movement is detected. They provide a detection angle of 120 degrees and a detection range of 3 to 3.3 meters. In “on” mode, they offer constant light for reading, washing hands, etc. Its 5 light levels adapt to our needs of use.

Wardrobe light with motion sensor

Wardrobe light with motion sensor. Photo: Amazon

This light only turns on in dark conditions and is perfect for housing a pantry in a pantry, illuminating closets at dawn, going down to the ground floor, and lighting hallways. It has infrared technology that detects human movement with a detection range of 3 meters. It turns off in 15 seconds if there is no more movement.

It is easy to install, it has a magnetic strip and self-adhesive tape that can be installed without damaging the wall. The best thing is that it is rechargeable.

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