These are the companies Elon Musk owns after buying Twitter

The most famous companies that this entrepreneur owns are Tesla and Space X, but they are not the only ones, as he also manages Neurolink and The Boring Company.

The businessman founded the company Tesla, which deals with the development of the production of high-end electric cars, and currently he has not only developed an autonomous driving system, but his projects include a truck, a car, a sports car and a pickup truck, all of which will be electric.

While the company Space X was founded in 2002 as one of Elon’s ideas as part of his ideas to take the human race into space, as he said he seeks to establish communities on other planets, so that is another of the main businesses of this entrepreneur.

Another of the strongest companies that the businessman has is Neurolink, because another of the ideas that the businessman has is that the human species risks becoming obsolete, for which in 2016 he created this nanotechnology company that works on the development of implants that enable brain stimulation of people with disabilities.

Another of the companies that the entrepreneur founded in 2016 is the Boring Company, which is a company that aims to be a company that allows speeding up the time of creating underground roads, which enable underground transportation, because according to the entrepreneur, in this way you would save time and money.

And now the businessman’s work has been joined by Twitter, a company that he bought less than a week ago for more than 44 billion dollars, and for which he is now not only the new CEO, but also initiated the process of changes within the structure of this social network, since Upon arrival, he fired CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned Segal, and then board members, leaving Musk alone in charge.

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