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Popular Japanese portal Anime! Anime! conducted a survey among the readers of his subscription with the question «What is the best anime so far in the fall-2022 season. (October-December)?», collecting the results and publishing them in a recent article.

in the season of Autumn-2022. (October-December), many series have already experienced their first broadcast. With so many projects currently airing, from original stories that are gaining attention on the internet to highly anticipated anime adaptations of manga or light novels.

For this reason, the portal Anime! Anime! conducted a survey between October 25 and November 1 this year, collecting a share of 70 percent women and the rest men among its subscription readers in Japan. So, which is the series that the Japanese are most satisfied with so far?

10. Urusei Yatsura (2022)

8. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Season 3 (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun) [Empate]

8. IDOLiSH7 Third STRIKE! 2nd part [Empate]

7. Cool Doji Danshi (Play it cool, guys)

6. Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch from Mercury

5. Bocchi the Rock!

4. Blue lock


1. Boku no Hero Academia Season 6 (My Hero Academia) [Empate]

1. A man with a chainsaw [Empate]

Source: Anime! Anime!

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