The young man agrees to go out to eat with the suitor and goes to the bathroom to escape the date

First else They are usually very kind, because when we are interested in a person, we always want to know more about them, however, there are times when the first impression is not what we thought, so second exit he could no longer achieve. That happened once young man who agreed to go out with a guy who decided to run away in the middle more because she only asked for one thing amistad and he wanted something else.

She was a TikTok user Paty_o.r who published a short video in which he told how the young man she was dating decided to escape just when there are two of them dish in restaurant.

A young woman waited for a suitor for 30 minutes – Taken from the video

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In the video you can see young people dish completely alone, and explains that some boy invited her comerHowever, at one point in the conversation, he decided to go to the bathroom and never come back.

The boy invited me to eat and didn’t come back from the bathroom for half an hour, he wrote.

To make the story complete, in the description of the video the young woman explained that during the conversation she mentioned how she just wanted them to be friends so netizens commented that this might be the reason why leaving in a restaurant.

As expected, the video quickly went viral on social media, dividing the opinions of netizens between those who regretted the young man’s escape and those who tried to explain why he decided to let young people

Mladić ran away from the appointment – Taken from the video

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Among the theories most mentioned by Internet users is that it is possible that the young man left because she did not stop looking at her cell phone or because she forgot her wallet.

“He forgot his wallet, it usually happens”, “You didn’t let go of my mobile phone”, “Now you will know the price of friendship”, “Man: I mean, this quote doesn’t make sense, it disappears”, wrote Internet users.

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