The World Cup team intends to change its name after the World Cup

One of the teams participating in the following World Cup in Qatar 2022 would have drastic changes in the way of knowing worldwide today.

He is a representative Galesthe national team that earned its ticket to the World Cup after the victory over Ukraine and that would negotiate with UEFA to change its name to be known as Cymru.

According to European media, the Football Association of Wales, I would take as an example what happened with Turkeythe country that made this change with the intention of being known as Turkey focused on its official language.

According to Noel Mooney, executive chairman of the Welsh entity, change it would help to standardize local terms.

“Our view at the moment is that nationally we are called Cymru. That’s what we call our national teams. If you look at our website, we call ourselves Cymru. At the international level, we believe that there is still work to be done we will go to this World Cup as Wales“, he showed.

Cymru, already used by the Wales institution in communications and hopes to have a solution in the coming months in favor of the possibility of launching an international advertising campaign.

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