The US calls on the UN to condemn the launch of North Korean missiles

NOW he invited the members this Friday United Nations Security Council condemn the latest editions missiles per North Korea.

We call on all countries to condemn these violations of Security Council resolutions. We believe it is important that our partners in the Council include the countries that helped implement these resolutions,” said White House National Security Council spokesman Mr. John Kirby.

The United States, backed by several allies such as the United Kingdom and France, demanded this Thursday that the UN Security Council meet urgently today to discuss North Korea’s latest missile launches.

North Korean weapons tests, according to Kirby, threaten regional security.

“It is difficult for us to know what is going through the mind of (North Korean leader) Kim Jong-un. But we must take these provocations seriously. That is why we are repeating our offer to meet with Kim and his regime without preconditions to try to discuss a diplomatic path to denuclearization,” he said.

For the same reason, he added, the United States must continue to ensure that it has its defense capabilities ready, given the “increasing aggressiveness” with which North Korea is “provoking” security on the Korean Peninsula.

Armies of South Korea The United States and the United States announced Thursday that they will extend the duration of their large-scale Vigilant Storm air exercises in response to more than 20 missiles launched by the North Korean regime in recent days, and the United States is considering similar exercises with Japan.

“Obviously we would like to be able to resolve this issue diplomatically, but since we have no indication that the Kim regime is interested in doing so, we need to make sure that we have the appropriate military capabilities ready to act if necessary,” Kirby said.

The UN Security Council has met several times this year following North Korea’s weapons tests.

However, Russia and China already vetoed the tightening of sanctions in May and ruled out further punishment, holding the US and its allies responsible for tensions over their military maneuvers in the region and blocking talks with North Korea.

With information from EFE

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