The unpleasant comments that Prince Felipe made embarrassed Elizabeth II

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prince philip He was always characterized by being a handsome man who also had a great sense of humor For a long time, he was the most annoying member of the British royal family because of his unexpected and incorrect comments. He repeatedly caused unpleasant moments for Queen Isabel IIhis wife.

The Duke of Edinburgh accompanied Queen Elizabeth II until the end of her days. He died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. The long-lived monarch’s husband perfectly performed his role in the royal family although sometimes he forgot the protocol a little.

There is a list of times Prince Philip made Queen Elizabeth II with his unexpected and politically incorrect comments. Many laugh, but some are embarrassed to think how many have not yet been documented or made public.

He brought the Monarchy into trouble by feeding the sensationalist press, like when he told a British student in China “if you stay here, you’ll come home with closed eyes”, generating silent and highly internalized laughter from those present.

The Queen, on the other hand, was always very virtuous, perfectly adhering to strict royal protocol. In 1967 the Duke of Edinburgh mentioned that he would like to go to Russia, followed by “but those bastards killed half my family”which caused a rather awkward moment.

Generally, Prince Philip’s rude comments revolve around cultural differences between countries. In 1998, he asked a traveler stopping in Papua New Guinea if he was hiding “so he wouldn’t get eaten”, referring to the practice of cannibalism.

He also made sexist comments like that the British did not know how to cook ironically during an event held by the Scottish Women’s Institute. He also asked “You are a woman, aren’t you?” a citizen of Kenya.

For decades, people have wondered if it was a sense of humor or a lack of tact, as happened with people with disabilities. When introducing him to a group of deaf people, he mentioned “Deaf people? If you put them in there (pointing to a Caribbean music group) no wonder they’re deaf.” The same way asked how many people were run over by a man riding a disabled motorcycle.

A young man who admitted that he wanted to be an astronaut was told that he should lose weight, and another 14-year-old told him that he “looked like a drug addict.” He mentioned about the Ethiopian artwork that it looks like “handicrafts like the ones her daughter brought her from school” and since there is no escape, it happened to the singer as well Elton John, who he said he “wished they had turned off his microphone”.

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