The tragic end of Evelia with V Chica, comedian from “Vida TV”

It has been 14 years since the death of Evelio Arias Ramos, known for his participation in
It’s been 14 years since the death of Evelio Arias Ramos, known for his participation in “Vida TV” (Photo: Facebook / Comedy District)

This November 4 marks the 14th anniversary death from Evelio with V Chicoone of the actors who won the hearts of thousands of viewers thanks to his appearances in shows like TV life Mr New day. His death came amid various rumors about his health, at the age of 42.

Race from Evelio Arias Ramos It started when he caught the attention of several producers during an acting competition, because his ability to make the public laugh with white humor was extraordinary.

He came to television as an associate in the morning program TV New daywhich he managed Cesar Costa Mr Rebecca of Alba. He also participated in other successful television projects in the 90s, such as School buildingbut he became a relevant character on Mexican television in 2001, when he appeared on the screens TV life.

TV life It was one of the most successful productions Television for channel 4, so it became part of it Star channel 2002. In this show, Evelio became Evelio with V Chico, who rose to fame and began teaming up with some of his peers, mostly Galileo Montijo.

It was thanks TV life who started participating in soap operas, such as class 406 Mr I always love you.

Evelio also came to produce his own programs and shows, and at the same time he did not abandon acting on the small screen and in films. One of his last projects was Mary of all angelswhere he made the character Delfino.

Evelio’s death with V Chico happened amid various rumors from the actor was hospitalized shortly before his death, at the end of October 2008. It was even said that he had suffered a tragic accident from which it was believed that he would not survive.

In the first days of hospitalization, both his representative Luis Meza and his family remained tight-lipped about the reasons that took the actor to the hospital.

As his representative revealed a few days after Evelio’s death, they were different health problems those that led you to seek emergency medical attention; his heart I worked hard, to that extent he almost passed out.

Since he was with his father at the time, he was in charge of taking him to the hospital, he told the media. When Evelio was admitted, his family was informed that I had very low blood pressurepossibly for a adrenal gland failure.

Luis Meza, in an interview with Earrevealed that the comedian had sodium and potassium imbalance due to insufficiency, except that he suffers from a gastritis of the north.

Despite two weeks of trying to stabilize him, he suffered from a respiratory failure due to heart problems.

During the time that Evelio was in the hospital, it is known that he was surrounded by his family, and on some occasions he was able to live with his pets. He also took the opportunity to write him a letter to his best friend Galilea Montijo.

As she discovered years later, Histrion’s mother brought her a letter a few days after his death, when they were shooting commercials for God. Although he did not reveal the content of the letter, he admitted that it was very difficult for him to read it and continue in the broadcast program.


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