The touching moment when the girl “gave her blessing” to Checo Pérez before the Mexican Grand Prix

A fan wished Checo Pérez success during his coexistence at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodromo (Photo: Screenshot)
A fan wished Checo Pérez success during his coexistence at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodromo (Photo: Screenshot)

Fever for the arrival of the 2022 season Formula 1 to Mexico City flooded the area around the Hermanos Rodríguez autodrome. Because of his enthusiasm, the girl was allowed to enter the pits and spend a moment with Red Bull driver Sergio Pérez. At the meeting, the man from Guadalajara was kind to her and received in return emotional parting by his follower.

A video of the meeting between Checo Pérez and his companion went viral on social networks. The girl, about nine years old, was wearing a T-shirt and cap that alluded to the Red Bull Racing team, as well as a Mexican flag in her hands. Although the baby initially asked him to take photos, the pilot and his team they gave him a cap with a new design Inspired by the Mexican Grand Prix.

“(Czech) will sign the cap of the girl who brought the flag and our friends from Red Bull have already passed her (…) This girl was there in the pits and here already the people from Red Bull allowed her access because she was the one who shouted the most and i went crazy stuck there with Czech. She’s already well-clad in her caps (caps), helmets (helmets), flags (flags), whatever (whatever),” said the one who documented the video on his cell phone.

The Red Bull driver put his signature on each of the caps the girl wore, but also in the green color of the flag. At the end of the autograph dynamic, he asked an attendant to look towards one of the cameras in front to take his picture. After seeing the image on the device’s monitor, those involved said goodbye.

“Thank you very much. God bless you”, the girl stated before leaving the place. The Red Bull driver thanked him and sent the same wishes. “Thank you, anyway,” said the character who wants to hang on to the World Drivers’ Championship runner-up for the 2022 season.

The girl, whose name has not been released, is not the only person who could have a close relationship with the Red Bull driver. A few days before, Matías Emilio Márquez, a young man from Michoacán who set up a fried food stand in front of his house so he could attend the Mexican Grand Prix, fulfilled his dream of meeting the Guadalajara idol in person during the Show Run held in the capital of the state of Jalisco .

Matías Emilio met Sergio Checo Pérez at the Red Bull Show Run in Guadalajara (Photo: Facebook)
Matías Emilio met Sergio Checo Pérez at the Red Bull Show Run in Guadalajara (Photo: Facebook)

In July 2022, Matías became famous on social networks for his initiative. After that, Antonio Pérez Garibay, father Czechheld a meeting with him and promised him the opportunity to live with the Formula 1 driver. In May, he was able to go to Plaza Carso in Mexico City to see a replica of the RB18, but it was not until October 25 last year that he was able to live with him near the La Minerva fountain.

Through various interventions in front of the media, Sergio Perez reiterated his goal to become the first Mexican driver to win the top of the podium at the Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodríguez. In addition to imposing a historic achievement in Mexican motorsport, Czech He will also take an important step towards consolidating his best season since his Formula 1 debut.

With three races to go, the man from Guadalajara is looking to hold on other World Championship for drivers. In that sense, 25 units for first place at the Mexican Grand Prix they would give him a comfortable lead over Charles Leclerc, which aims at the same goal. In addition to the crown in Mexico City, he has an obligation to score more points than the Ferrari driver at the Brazilian and Abu Dhabi GPs. Otherwise, you may be demoted to third place.


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