The Torreón Unit School of Medicine is celebrating its 65th anniversary

Torreón.- As part of the 65th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine of the Torreón Unit of the Autonomous University of Coahuila, a commemoration was held, as well as the presentation of introductory speeches and the awarding of prizes in the campus hall.

The event was chaired by the rector of the highest house of studies, Salvador Hernández Vélez, the coordinator of the Torreón unit, Sandra López Chavarría and the director of the Faculty of Medicine, Salvador Chavaria Vázquez, head of jurisdiction no. 6, Juan Pérez Ortega, Head of Postgraduate Studies and Research Carlos Daniel Campos Torres and Secretary of the Interior Carlos Enrique Acevedo Aguirre.

Speaking at the ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine, Rector Salvador Hernández Vélez considered it an occasion to “remember that today we have a unique medical-hospital complex, which is the pride of the University”, for which he mentioned in detail those who were part of the first generation of the then Faculty of Medicine, University of Coahuila.

He added that the key element for the sustainable growth of the school that was in the beginning was its first director, Manuel Medina Gutiérrez, who led the necessary efforts with the support of a group of students who later served as teachers; “Today, its current students, teachers and staff should be proud that the School of Medicine here in Torreón is one of the best in the country.”

For his part, the director Salvador Chavarría noted that the achievements that caused all the teachers of these pioneering times of the Faculty sowed the seeds of quality development, which created the identity of the teachers, students and workers of this institution that has always manifested itself throughout its history: with quality graduates and broad social engagement with the indispensable condition of continuous preparation.

“We are present here and we witness the growth and development of the Faculty, historically leading and currently ranked 5th nationally among public university schools and 10th out of 132 public and private medical faculties,” he added.

Among the achievements, he also mentioned the last EGEL exam, which gave 46 excellence results out of 67 achieved by the entire Autonomous University of Coahuila, with

commitment to redouble efforts and always achieve results for the continuous improvement of this great institution.

The event also featured keynote speeches “Cardiovascular Surgery in Adults and Children: Current Status in the Region” by Dr. Edgardo López Mata, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon; and “Metabolic Surgery” by Dr. Carlos Daniel Campos Torres, general surgeon.

Also, prizes were awarded and top rated teachers Rubén Darío Galván Zermeño, Dr. Gabriel Castro Vásquez, Dr. Alejandra Mayela Valdez Domínguez, Dr. Alfonso José Téllez Camacho and Dr. Héktor Israel Ledezma Tello.

They also received awards teachers who have retired at the Faculty of Medicine as Dr. Federico Juarez de la Cruz, Dr. Dr. Susan Bassol Mayagoitia; Alma Georgina Palaces Martinez, Dr. Gerardo Perez Silva and Dr. Ruben Darius Martinez Reynoso; as well as for high results in the field of research, Dr. Martha Patricia Nava Hernandez and Dr. Javier Moran Martinez.

In addition, recognitions were awarded graduates of the first generations from the Faculty to Dr. Víctor Manuel Gómez Contreras (1st generation); Dr. Evaristo Javier Gómez Rivera (3rd generation); dr. Gloria Azpilcueta Mijares, Dr. Manuel Delgado Macías, Dr. Luis de Villa Vázquez, Dr. Sergio Martínez Macías, Dr. Felipe de Alba Bessoniers, Dr. Emilio Villarreal Medrano and Dr. Ismael Cuevas de la Rosa (4th generation) .

Like Dr. Luis Rafael Ovalle Berumen, Dr. Jose Daniel Mora Garcia, Dr. Dr. Jose Luis Cantu Palomo; Samuel by Leon Lavenant, Dr. Henry Baltazar Olloqui Chavez, to his daughter Lic. Gabriela Olloqui Morales (8th generation); and Dr. Gerardo Perez Silva (12th generation).

On the other hand, the first three places of each generation were awarded for high academic success and 46 students who achieved excellent results in the EGEL 2022 exam. (EL HERALDO)

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