the students demand the release of the doctor from the 1º de Octubre hospital

On social networks, doctors from different institutions expressed their solidarity with Fernando Villalobos, which is why they are asking for the support of the authorities and demanding his immediate release.

The arrest of Fernando Villalobos comes after medical students have also protested in recent months against the conditions in which they carry out their social service and medical internships.

Last July, Durango universities ordered the withdrawal of interns from the state’s most at-risk areas, after student Eric Andrade Ramírez was shot and killed at El Salto Comprehensive Hospital, in Pueblo Nuevo, Durango.

Medical student groups insist that students’ rights cannot be allowed to continue to be violated or that studying medicine poses a risk, which is why they have demanded the release of Fernando Villalobos, as well as clarification of the facts through media officials. and full compensation for the damage suffered by the doctor.

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