The soccer player is no longer happy in America because of Tan Ortiz

One of the Eagles’ most important players could feature for Liga MX’s Clausura 2023.

America may suffer a significant loss and there is no replacement.
© MEDIA HOURSAmerica may suffer a significant loss and there is no replacement.

After the elimination against Toluca, America went on vacation almost a month, but the information does not stand still. They already sound names to strengthen the team on the eve of Clausura 2023, but the possible victims that will be there have come to light.

It is the rumor that sounds the loudest so far signed by Fernando Gorriarán, comes from Santos Laguna. To lower the transaction price, the Eagles are willing to offer an item in exchange.

In this sense, the name Pedro Aquino has recently emerged as a potential bargaining chip. Some fans do not like the idea of ​​releasing the only “clean” holder in the team, but it seems that even the footballer himself is not comfortable in the nest anymore.

According to the information of the journalist ESPNCesar Caballero, midfielder The Peruvian is not satisfied with his current situation in Coapa, having gone from starter to being unwanted by Fernando Ortiz, to the extent that he played just 466 minutes in the entire 2022 Apertura.

I spoke directly with the agents of the South American player yesterday. He is not happy with what he is experiencing with Águilas del América. He was previously a fixture in Solari’s time and still played with Ortíza; now it has lost its importance. Behind Richard, sometimes also Jonathan dos Santos, it is a situation that does not please the Peruvian“, said the journalist.

Are you willing to prove your worth?

America has not yet informed Pedro Aquino’s representatives that the player is not in the plans for the next tournament, so he is a player mentalized in regaining his position as a starter.

He wants to return to Coapa’s nest next November and show that he can be a starter for this team. What the agents told me was yes America did not inform them that Pedro was not part of the institution’s plans or that he would be used as a bargaining chip.Cesar Caballero assured.

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