the scientist threw herself into the shark’s mouth almost by mistake

Ocean Ramsey, a famous marine scientist, almost ended up in the belly of a Shark. This happened in Hawaii when a woman wanted to jump off a boat to dive. At that moment, a huge animal rose to the surface with its mouth open, ready to swallow the woman. Fortunately, she realized this in time and in her despair managed to climb up the boat’s ladder and get to safety, while her frog legs brushed against this shark.

It all started when a scientist spotted a shark interacting with floating debris and wanted to go down to save it, but things didn’t turn out as expected. “A few moments after the video I shared in my last post I saw a shark hitting the plastic so I ran and this was my wave,” Ramsey wrote on Instagram. The woman works at One Ocean Diving on Oahu.

But in exchange for saving the shark, the one who had to take cover was herself. A colleague recorded the video – which went viral – as the scientist prepared to enter the water before the shark, a female named Reina Nikkiit came out of the water with its jaws open and appeared to be biting its fins.

Photo: Instagram: @oceanramsey
The researcher managed to save herself from the shark’s jaws thanks to her reflexes

“I always like to see its white belly emerging from the depths, and in this case that’s what gave away its position,” explained the 35-year-old researcher, explaining how she managed to prevent the animal from injuring her. “It was actually easier to spot when it was going vertically compared to the others that were already near the surface.”

Despite the adrenaline-pumping encounter, Ramsey insists Queen Nikki wasn’t trying to attack her: “I couldn’t see very far, and I don’t think they could either, so I think Nikki was more responsive to my initial noise and shadow input.” , assured the biologist, who swam with that tiger shark for three years.

In another video, he noticed that what appeared to be a bite attempt was actually a “spy dive,” where sharks poke their heads out of the water to scan their surroundings in the murky sea.

However, Ramsey is used to close encounters with sharks. The explorer first caused global astonishment in 2019 after he was filmed swimming with Deep Blue, a seven-metre-long great white dog believed to be the largest ever seen.

Photo: Instagram: @oceanramsey
The woman is called the “shark whisperer”

After that incredible event, he said that the event showed that sharks should be protected and not feared. “There’s not a lot of sympathy for sharks because of the way they’re portrayed in the media and they don’t have a cute appearance,” said an expert who runs cage-free shark diving tours. “You can’t hate them because they are predators. We need them for healthy marine ecosystems.”

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