The real reason why Andrés García’s wife is taking care of him in his last days

Famous famous actor, Andres Garcia is a celebrated figure in the national entertainment industry, cWith an extensive career spanning over four decades and foraying into areas such as cinema and Mexican soap operas, Andrés has gained popularity not only in Mexican show business since the acclaimed actor managed to take off on the platform YouTube sharing videos that allowed the audience to know a little more about his personality.

Unfortunately, a popular figure in the Mexican industry attracted media attention due to his delicate health condition, It’s Andres Garcia affected by cirrhosis of the liverdue to this illness, the actor who gave life to “Pedro Navaja” looks extremely weakened, he even commented several times that “this (2022) feels like his last year of life”.

His delicate state of health only caused controversy, because the actor changed the will several times, causing this type speculations about the wealth of the famous actorthe theme of his wealth is also reflected in the care he receives in what seems to be the last days of life and people who accompany him in this complicated moment like his wife Margarita Portillowho did not stop caring for the former galán of the cinema.

Andrés García suffers from liver cirrhosis
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Margarita Portillo: Andrés García’s wife who takes care of him during his illness

It’s Margaret fourth wife of actor Andrés García whom he married in 2011. She is currently the one who remains under the care of Andrés, an act that surprised the media because in 2015, Andrés distanced himself from his partner, it was the same actor who proposed to start a divorce case because “they didn’t spend that much time together anymore”.

After four failed marriages, it seemed that Andrés García had found his ideal partner, indeed, the couple spent 14 years together before deciding to get married and despite being roughly 30 years apart marital problems were resolved and the divorce proceedings were stoppedUnfortunately, around these dates, Andrés fell ill and his health deteriorated rapidly.

The companionship and care that Margarita Portillo provides to her husband in his last days is a kind act however, it shows the love you feel for your partner, American media reports that Margarita’s interest in her husband is proportional to the amount of money that appears in her willwhose wealth she could become a creditor of, which makes sense given the state of their relationship and the problems they’ve had.


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