The reaction of Lausanne after the request of Jessica Sodi, who traveled the world

Hirving Lozano's reaction to Jessica Soda's message
Hirving Lozano’s reaction to Jessica Soda’s message

Mexican striker Hirving Lozano He is one of the few players in the Mexican team who keeps a quiet life and far from the eccentricities of parties and excesses; But his name went around the world on social media after a burning message sent to him by the ‘Only Fans’ model, Jessica Sodi.

The popular Mexican model, during the interview, assured that she would have nothing against a relationship with Hirving Lozanoregardless of whether the Mexican player is married and has children with his partner. Jessica Sodi he even commented that he would make Chucky as if it were a football match.

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Model Jessica Sodi caused controversy after requesting that the player be tagged on his social media to get his message across, however, Hirving Lozano He did not fall into the game and preferred to take the position from the said interview in which his name was associated.

What did Hirving Lozano answer to Jessica Soda?

Hirving Lozano he preferred to hang a picture with a message of love for his wife Ana Obregon with whom he shares a sentimental life for many years with a Mexican player. Namely, they recently celebrated another year of marriage and that’s it Chucky Lozano like his wife on social media.

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