the platform saw an extreme peak of users after the purchase of Twitter

Last Thursday, October 27, Elon Musk completed the purchase of the social network for $44,000 million. After the news, users began to express their concerns in the company itself about the level of control or freedom which would be lost under the new management, starting to create new accounts on other platforms, such as Mastodon and Discord.

In accordance with Wiredonly between October 20 and 27, about 18,000 people signed up to this social networkand by October 28, there were 381,113 users, according to Eugen Rochko, the general director of the platform.

The movement began to gain momentum just hours after news of the acquisition broke, trending on Twitter with #TwitterMigration in anticipation that radical changes were made in the new social network de Musk.

According to Mastodon herself, the name of her platform started to trend as more and more users created new accounts and advertised them on Twitter so that their followers can also find them on their new pages.

According to Mastodon, this resulted in the fact that only on Friday 28.10. more than 70,000 new accounts were registeredresulting in server overload for “extreme peak user.

Arguments for the decision to leave Twitter

Reasons decide to change are different, Mr Wired collects arguments from different users. For example, in the case of Cassie LaBelle, a writer who is part of the transgender community on Twitter, wrote at the time that “he didn’t know if Musk would buy and destroy the platform“.

For this, he started his own Discord server, which, despite not being the same, would allow him to “take with him” the whole community have a spare space that feels safeespecially because of the risks posed by moderation rules, which can become a problem for marginalized groups.

Another case is the academic and technological communities, which also publish their Mastodon profiles in their biographies or Twitter names.

There is also the situation of companies, like Danny Groner, director of marketing at the venture group Forecast Labs, who use the platform to connect with people in a professional way. Although he has no intention of leaving her now, he has everything covered. if the social network is changing and influencing presentation of inappropriate content, where Mastodon works as a backup plan if trolls and stalkers proliferate on Twitter.

There are some who are even more extreme, like Matt Haughey, who was planning to leave Twitter at the time the deal was made. to purchase the platform will be completedgood”does not believe“According to Musk’s judgment, he doesn’t even want to be part of the company he owns.

However, perhaps the most notorious case of all It’s Nibel’s (@Nibellion), a journalist specializing in video game news, who also announced that he would be leaving the platformfor financial support, but also because of concerns about Musk’s leadership.

Picture: Mastodon

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