The only Tri player who danced to Messi and the 10th recognized him

The one who danced to Messi and 10 recognized him
The one who danced to Messi and 10 recognized him

The Mexican team at some points in its history it has had strong arguments to appear to be competing against the most important teams in the Mexico. That’s how Brazil won the Confederations Cup.

But also, Tri had a great team at that time, which surprised by beating the selection Argentina, what were the first steps of the Argentinian Lionel Messi, when he wore the jersey of the South American team.

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In an interview with FOX, the player stated that in his first game against Mexico, for America’s Cup. The problem occurred in 2004, when the athlete was invited to the albiceleste team, and El Tri surprised by beating Argentina.

Which player received Messi’s respect and admiration?

From that game you can save a great game that was sent Ramón Moralesthe element of the Mexican team that is directly responsible for the result, with his goal from a free kick caused positive criticism towards the athlete.

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