The Navy is conducting a NATO electronic warfare and missile defense exercise

The Armada conducts an exercise in the waters of the Gulf of Cadiz I’LL TAKE IT focused on electronic warfare and missile defense. Maneuvers are known by signals Nemo (Naval Electromagnetic Operations)an aspect of naval training that is becoming more important every day.

On the Spanish side, frigates Blas de Lezo, Méndez Núñez and a combat supply ship Cantabriaall units 31 Surface Squadronbased in Ferrol, and a frigate Canary Islandsfrom 41 Escort Squadronbased in Rota.

The Navy emphasizes that “in the current strategic scenario, naval forces must be able to operate their electronic systems in the most hostile electromagnetic environments.”

There are also units from the army Tierra Mr Airedestroyer Italian Navythe Andrea Doria, and various agencies I’LL TAKE IT directly related to electronic warfare.

“To ensure the interoperability and capabilities of multinational naval forces, NATO has established an electromagnetic operations testing program, Nemo Trials“, they also point out from HRM.

These exercises, among other things, aim to assess the effectiveness and validate the Atlantic Alliance’s electronic warfare techniques and tactics used in anti-missile defense of ships. These types of maneuvers are carried out periodically in different NATO scenarios and in this edition Spain is responsible for their implementation.

Destructor Italy

Destroyer Andrea Doria. Photo: MDE

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