The mysterious reasons why Jenni Rivera faked her death are revealed in the song

Jenni Rivera revealed the reasons for faking her death
Jenni Rivera revealed the reasons for faking her death

Jenni Rivera was one of the most influential women in regional Mexican music. She conquered the public with her talent and great performances, she was considered the “diva of the band”, who never got tired of showing her talent, overcame her sad past with which she became one of the most influential women of her gender.

Unfortunately, more than ten years ago he lost his life after a tragic plane crash, although his death is one of the most controversial since for many there are several inconsistencies within the investigation, which is why the theory that it’s just me trying to edit and the singer is still alive gain strength, because in one of her songs she seems to explain the reasons that led her to that decision.

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It is about the song “Reasons” released in 2021 with an animation of the singer where the singer is seen in the same clothes as last seen, the video also refers to the crisis she suffered at her previous concert until his death, where he revealed everything that happened after his last concert, and the Diva of the band appears through the hologram in one of her favorite dresses, although many assure that it was Jenni because of the similarity in features, and the most surprising thing is Kao in the video that the singer chooses between family and pop.

What was Jenni Rivera’s decision?

The answer is simple, it’s clear that the decision Jenni Rivera made was to stay with her family as a safety measure for her and her children, as it seems that was a big reason why the Diva of the band had to choose to go off script and fake her death, you can watch video and you will understand how the singer narrates the events.

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