The most popular ahegao on the internet belongs to a boy — Kudasai

More than once we have seen in publications on social networks on the Internet and virtual markets, products such as sweatpants or T-shirts that use the terms “ahegao”.a Japanese word used to indicate facial expression that shows indescribable sexual pleasure in character, characterized by an open mouth, protruding tongue and out-of-orbit eyes (and perhaps with a heart as a pupil).

However, many of these products have one thing in common: they use the same set of images over and over again. One of the most popular ones from this set is recognizable to the naked eye, and those who have been fans of the anime industry for some time have seen it more than once.


We have already discussed this in our article “What did he gasp for?“, but it seems that it is worth dedicating an entire article because few people know where this record came from. Turns out it comes from a doujinshi h_ntai written and illustrated by a popular author asanagientitled “Thank you♥Thank you♂Revolution (139808)“. In fact, what surprises fans the most is the fact that it is not a girl’s face, but a ragdoll shot.

It’s the male version of the character Z3 “Max Schultz” franchise Kantai Collectionwho becomes addicted to sex after a series of tricks performed by the Commander. This expression appears at the moment when he finally admits that he is in love with the Commander (ie its member), so that the ecstasy in his body eventually seeps through his ahegao expression.

Anyway, now most of you can rest easy knowing that the most popular ahegao panel on the internet comes from a yaoi manga, specifically clothing. What an irony that those who buy those clothes should be ridiculous!

Source: @themythbusters on Twitter over it VoiceSwordAnime

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