The longest train in the world runs through the Swiss Alps

The train broke records. Photo: AFP.

The the longest train in the world became a reality this weekend when workers finished assembling it in Swiss Alps.

He has an unusual transport broken recordssince it consists of 100 wagons and it’s over two kilometers a long time.

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This was the longest train journey in the world

Rhaetian Railways (RhB) announced that it had won world record for the length of a passenger trainduring the event organized for the 175th anniversary of the Swiss railway system.

The train, 1,910 meters long, covered 25 kilometers in less than 45 minutes teach Mr Alvanein the canton of Graubünden.

– For me, it is simply Swiss perfection.

Director of RhB, Renato Fasciati.

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The red train exceeds by several hundred meters the one that held the previous record, set in the year Belgium 1990s, a company spokesman said AFP.

With 150 passengers on board, the convoy was traveling on the Albula railway line, it was reported World heritage per Unescocrossing 22 tunnels and 48 bridges in the Alpine region.

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